Missoula Fishing Report

Missoula Fishing Report 8/17

Missoula Fishing Report

August 17th

Got a case of the Mondays? Get out, get lost, get into some fish. There are plenty of spots that you haven’t explored. The air quality has improved immensely, and it has actually cooled down a bit as well. The Blackfoot is extremely low, though the water temperatures on all three rivers are looking up. Tricos are hatching on The Clark Fork and Bitterroot, and hoppers seem to be a go-to all around.


Blackfoot River: FOAM STUFF! Ants, beetles, and all sorts of hoppers. You could still catch some goldens and sallies as well. Don’t forget that the North Fork is now under Hoot Owl Restrictions, as well as the tributaries. The fish are looking for the deepest water they can, while there is still any left. That means they are all chilling in pods- if there’s one, there are likely multiple biggies. Buena suerte

Bitterroot River: Tricos! (Earlier the better, generally) hoppers, small dark streamers… Fish them deep and slow. Still some sallies in some areas. Parts of the Root are actually reaching low 60’s right now.

Clark Fork River: Tricos in the am, spinners, and then turn to your hopper box. Whatever you want really. Zach would advise you to throw a blue one… Small dark nymphs are an option too.

Rock Creek: The moths could still be out on really sunny days. Earlier in the day than later. It seems like it has still been slowing down mid-day for obvious reasons. Go early, or get out later and hit the caddis hatch. For those, size 14 & 16. Sparkle streamers and bright streamers… Throw ’em in the deep runs, mmkay?

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