Missoula Fishing Report

Missoula Fishing Report 8/23

Missoula Fishing Report 

August 23rd

It’s Sunday Funday… Annnnd the Upper Clark Fork is now free of Hoot Owl Restrictions. Apart from the tributaries on the Blackfoot, you may fish wherever, whenever. The water is cool, and the bigger fish are surely ready to munch on your flies. Whatever you do, don’t forget your box of terrestrials… Regardless of where you’re going.


Early morning– en route to the Madison River.

Blackfoot River: Throw some dries in the morning. Purple haze, parachute adams, mayflies. Once it starts warming up more, turn to hoppers, ants, and beetles. Drift them through the spots with logs, dams, etc. The Blackfoot is still super low, so the fish are all piling up to “chill out”. If you see one eat, it is probably not alone. Caddis hatch in the evening. Try some dark streamers throughout the day.

Bitterroot River: Tricos, tricos, and more tricos. It has been tough to know exactly when they hatch, but they have been digging the sun. There could still be some yellow sallies around as well, along with baetis. Later on, try a hopper-dropper, some attractor patterns, and any sort of terrestrials. Ants, beetles, and hoppers are all great options. As usual, the caddis will be hatching in the evening. Elk hair will do you well.

Clark Fork River: Often times, the Clark Fork is the best option with cloud coverage. The smoke has been creating an odd smog that is having similar effects. It could actually make for a great day on the Clark. As with the Bitterroot, the fish seem to be eating tricos early on. Mayfly patterns as well… You just kind of have to watch for those throughout the day. During the evening, you know the drill. Caddis till the cows come home.

Rock Creek: Purple haze, parachute adams, and terrestrials. Sparkle streamers, and bright streamers, drug through deeper and heavier water. That is what will get you a big one.

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