Missoula Fishing Report

Missoula Fishing Report 8/26

Missoula Fishing Report 

August 26th

With fall fishing right around the corner, we’re all getting pretty stoked to change things up. Regardless of the air quality, the fishing has been surprisingly steady. For those who aren’t clear on Hoot Owl Restrictions, they are uplifted on all three rivers. The only exception- the Blackfoot tributaries and the North Fork of the Blackfoot, which shut down from 2 pm to midnight. September fishing is going to be great this year, and guide trips are being booked like crazy. Stop in or call the shop if you’re looking to spend a day on the water this fall!

Summer smog

Summer smog on a Clark Fork evening. Different kind of beauty?

Blackfoot River: The fish aren’t being real picky with streamers. They’ll eat your sparkle minnows, some brighter colors, or darker streamers. If you’re fishing before 10 am, a hopper-dropper is a good way to go. After that, hoppers. Anything from size 8 to 12 should get you into a fish. As the Blackfoot is running low on water, fish will be searching for the deepest, coolest water.

Bitterroot River: The fish are more likely to eat a trico on the lower stretch of the Root. Hecubas are now a great option. Yellow sallies, purple haze, drakes, and baetis. Get your hands on some of those before taking on the Bitterroot. During the afternoon, you already kn0w… Terrestrial game till the cows come home.

Clark Fork: Despite confusion, the entire Clark Fork is open all day long. Again, some tricos and hecubas. Mayflies, attractor patterns, and lots of hoppers. Caddis hatch in the evening. The smoke has actually created a sort of cloud coverage. That is particularly good for fishing on the Clark Fork.

Rock Creek: Hopper-dropper rigs. Ants, beetles, and other terrestrials are rippin’ lips, especially when fished near some sort of wood, log jam, etc. The streamer game has been steady on Rock Creek. Sparkle minnows, and more colorful streamres. October caddis pupaes are starting to move to the shallows, and they’ll be getting ready to hatch here in the next few weeks. That goes for the Blackfoot and Clark Fork as well.

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