Missoula Fishing Report

Missoula Fishing Report 8/3

Missoula Fishing Report

August 3th

The fishing has been good. The weather has been a little funky, but it is well worth going out there. The tricos are hatching around 10 am each day, and they are going absolutely wild on the Bitterroot and the Clark Fork. Grab a handful of ’em and go see for yourself. As of July 30th, all tributaries on the Blackfoot are under Hoot Owl Restrictions. This includes the North Fork of the BlackfootThis is largely to protect our beloved Bull Trout. Regardless of where you are on the Blackfoot, you must be reeled up by 2 pm. 

Missouri River Brown Trout

The Blackfoot River: The spruce moths have been going off during the mornings until about 10 am, and from then on it is mainly hopper game. Spruce moths, hoppers, small droppers, dark steamers

Clark Fork River: If you hit the river at the right time of day, it looks like it’s snowing. That, my friend, is no more than a swarm of tricos. Hoppers are doing really well, regardless of the color, size, or anything else. Terrestrials are worthwhile as well.

Bitterroot River: Few PMD’s left, sallies, small bead heads underneath. Hopper game is a go-to.

Rock Creek: Moths, nocturnal goldens, caddis, hoppers (go smaller rather than bigger), sparkle minnows, attractor patterns. Look in the deep runs for bigger fish.

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