Missoula Fly Fishing Report

Missoula Fishing Report 9/23

Fly Fishing Report Brought To You By Our Missoula Fly Fishing Guides And Fly Shop Staff.

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Bitterroot River

Bitterroot river fly fishing has made the transition into Fall fishing. The rains are here for the next week, and we’re seeing the change in the hatches. BWO’s are hatching consistently along the length. The Mahoganies are starting to establish, and are strong in some areas. Keep your eyes out for the Hecubas- they’re there, but you have to watch for them. Hoppers are going to be sporadic in the cool, cloudy weather but will make a return when the sun comes back. No need to be on the water very early, though the nymphing has been good on the middle and lower sections. SR Bullets Olive, Birds of Prey and the Umpqua PT Jig have been cleaning up subsurface, and the clouds are providing surface action from about 11:00 am on.
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Blackfoot River

Fly fishing the Blackfoot River is still good, but starting to show some signs that it’s slowing down for winter. BWO’s, Mahoganies and October Caddis are being seen and eaten, but it feels like each day it takes a bit longer for the action to start. That’s great news for the streamer anglers, as the big fish are starting to look for big calories before the river gets too cold. Take your Dungeons and Sparkle Minnows and head up there to work the deep pockets and seams. If you’re looking for big fish on the dead drift, tie on a crayfish under a big indicator, and watch the trout gobble it up. You can hit the Blackfoot about noon and know you’ve not missed much
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Clark Fork River

Clark Fork fly fishing, especially below town, is really coming into form. The BWO’s, Tricos, Hecubas, and Mahoganies are getting the fish to pod up and sip dries pretty much from town west. The cloudy weather is keeping the fish at the surface, and you’ll find enough rising fish from 11:00 AM on to keep you happy. If the dries are slow, subsurface with a Pats Rubberlegs or a PT Tungsten jig will take fish all day. Streamers have been working some, but they might not be your first option. If you go that way, Baby Gongas Tan and the Kreelix have been working.
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Rock Creek

Fly fishing on Rock Creek is in full Fall mode. Mahoganies, BWO’s, sporadic Hecubas and October Caddis are keeping the dry fly anglers very busy up here. Work the edges of the river, or find a slow seam and go to town. Don’t sleep on the streamer fishing, as the bigger fish are looking to fatten up before the temps fall too low. A Sculpin Sparkle minnow or a Kreelix will work well up here all day. If you decide to add some numbers to your day, work a PT Jig or an SR Bullet Olive. Use as long a dropper as you can handle, and keep them in the zone. The fish are hungry, plentiful and healthy!
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