Missoula Fly Fishing Report

Missoula Fly Fishing Report 3/19

Fly Fishing Report Brought To You By Our Missoula Fly Fishing Guides And Fly Shop Staff.

Enjoy and Good Luck!

Bitterroot River

The Bitterroot river is starting to come back to life after a recent cold snap and is back to fishing decent. We have been seeing a few Skwala’s out in the last few days but not enough to get the dry fly fishing in Missoula really going yet. With the warmer days and mild nights in the forecast, we should be seeing more and more Skwala’s in the sun. At this point it’s still a nymph and streamer game for most of the day with an afternoon window of decent dry fly fishing with Midge’s, Capnia’s and a few Nemoura’s kicking around. If you’re a dry or die fisherman then you can definitely throw a single dry all day and get a few fish here and there to come up. Nymphs like G-Kes, H/T PT Jig, Perdigons, Jig PT, Pats Rubberlegs, Double Bead Stones and 20 Inchers should get it done. Darker streamers like Black, Olive and Brown have been effective for us.
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Blackfoot River

The Blackfoot River fly fishing is not a great option right now. Cold water temps are keeping the fish a bit sluggish. With warmer nights and days ahead it will start to slowly warm up and streamer and nymph fishing should be decent. As far as fly fishing Missoula goes, you can do better. For those who want to be off on their own and don’t mind working hard for every fish then this is a good option for you. Light colored streamers like Tan, Gray and White will get the job done. Nymphing inside seems and slow water will produce numbers.
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Clark Fork River

The Clark Fork River is fishing decent subsurface with nymphs and streamers but the dry fly fishing is pretty minimal right now. Look for more and more fish to feed on top this week with the warmer temps on the way. For the window of dry fly opportunity focus on Midges, Capnias, Nemouras and possibly a few Skwala eaters. Streamer and nymph fishing will be the most productive, fishing those slower winter runs like inside seems and walking speed water. Nymphs like Pats Rubberlegs, 20 Inchers, Double Bead Stones, Perdigon, G-Kes, Two Bit Hooker Jig, PT Jig and the good old worm will get it done for you.
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Rock Creek

Rock Creek fly fishing is still mainly a nymph and streamer game but is one of your best Missoula fly fishing options at this point and should continue to fish well throughout the Spring. Flashy streamers like the Kreelex and Sparkle minnow have been the meat of choice. For dries, focus on Stonefly nymphs Like Pat’s and Double Bead Stones with smaller droppers off the back. Cycle through a variety of smaller droppers until you find the magic one for that day.
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Spring Hatches

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