Missoula Fly Fishing Report 6/10

It’s June, which means it’s time for Salmon Flies!

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Bitterroot River

The Bitterroot has been dropping like a rock for the last week or so and is definitely an option right now. The Bitterroot should fish better and better every day as the water continues to drop and warm up with the weather forecast looking like warmer days ahead of us. There are a few Salmon Flies moving on the upper along with some Green Drakes and Sallies but the nymph and streamer game will be your best technique up here right now. Focus on Stonefly nymphs as many of them are waiting for some warmer temps to fly which means they are migrating to the banks and become more susceptible to fish. Nymph patterns to try are be DB Stone, Pats Rubber Legs, G-Kes Jig, Jiggin Stones, Jig Prince Nymph, Hot Pheasant Jig and the good ole worm.

Blackfoot River

The Blackfoot is big but you could do worse as far as clarity is concerned. The river continues to drop and conditions improve every day. Salmon Flies have just started showing up on the lower river. We have had a few good days up here this last week focusing on streamers tight to the bank and heavy stone fly nymph rigs on the soft edges of the inside seems. Yuk bug, Pats, Bitch Creek, DB Stones, Jiggin Stones, Hot Pheasant Jig and worms are the nymphs of choice up here right now. Dry fly fishing should continue to improve on the lower end later this week.

Clark Fork River

The Clark Fork is surprisingly clearing up fairly quick and while not your best option around Missoula, it is definitely not a waste of time. We fished it just to bring you a report and pulled a few nice fish out nymphing inside seems and a few bonus fish on Salmon Flies(yes there is adults on the Clark Fork and they are starting to look up for them). If you do decide to try the Clark Fork, then cover every inch of the soft inside seems. We believe it should continue to clear up and the dry fly fishing should really pick up towards the end of the week. Although you can find many better places to fish around Missoula right now, it’s still a fun challange to go out in less then ideal conditions and catch fish.

Rock Creek

Rock Creek is one of your best options right now along with dozens of other tributaries in the Missoula area. Salmon Flies have been out mid river and fish are eating them. The last few cold days slowed the advance of the hatch upstream but the bugs will continue their journey upstream followed by golden stones. Our go to stone patterns are the PK, Damiens SUV, Super Gee, Rastaman, 64 Impala and the good old Orange Stimulator. For nymphs try Pats Rubber Legs, G-Kes Jig, Hot Pheasant Jigs, Jiggin Stone and Hard bodies. Don’t hesitate to tight line(no indicator) a stonefly nymph early in the day before the dry fly action starts.

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