“Skwala Blindness”

It’s easy to get into a rut during a hatch like the Skwalas. Something tells us “Dry or Die” all the time. And that is absolutely O.K. But if the fish aren’t eating the dry and you are willing to make something happen, then change tactics.

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This fish is a perfect example of the guy in the front of the boat starting with the dry early and the guy in the back throwing a streamer. While the guy in the front caught a fish here or there. The Streamer moved a lot of fish and had more eats than the skwala to start. Not to mention, bigger fish… Like this one.

Now as the day warmed up and the fish began to look up the dry got more attention and a bullethead took the place of the deer hair and lead eyes.

Just a thought for you on this chilly April morning. Just because the dry bugs work sometimes, don’t go blind to all of your other options. If they will eat something else, try that and wait for the water to warm up and get the fish eating on top.

-The MAngler

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