Fishing Report 5/22

All of the graphs have been falling steadily for the past week. The cooler weather has slowed down the high water enough to give us some great fishing the past few days. We have stuck with the dry fly all weekend and never had to go underneath to get them.

Guided Montana Fly Fishing Trips

Big Dries all day with some great fish coming up to eat on top. We have been seeing a bunch of mayflies and golden stones, with a few Salmonflies thrown in the mix. The Purple Haze, The Golden Chubby and Willy’s Ant all caught fish all day.

Get out before the next bump in water comes.

-The MAngler

Get After Em Early

The early morning fishing has been good. Crazy good. Throwing your boat in the water around 6:30 or 7 has been the ticket. Beat the heat and get the best fishing of the day. The fish have been eating the dry well. The hoppers are playing a major role and the trout know a protein opportunity when they see one.

 This a great time of year for some pretty rowdy eats from big fish.

The Moths on the Blackfoot are bringing a lot of fish up to the surface and providing some fairly consistent dry fly activity. The hoppers on the grassy and rip rap banks are also bring up some larger fish as well. Rock creek is fishing as great as it normally does. The Bitterroot and The Clark are both a hopper and larger terrestrial/attractor game. The little bugs are starting to show up in a few spots. So get ready for 6x and tiny dries. It will be here before you know it.

Get out there early and avoid the hot weather. It’s better for you and the fish.

-The MAngler