Best Traveling Sedge Fly Patterns

Goddard Caddis

Truthfully, when using this fly as a Traveling Sedge, the first thing we do is cut off the antennae. They seem to hinder the ability to skitter, which is important in a Traveling Sedge! This is a great fly to pre-treat with a liquid floatant, so it rides high and moves easily.

Fly Tying Material List

  • Hook:  Size 8 Standard Dry Fly Hook
  • Thread:  Tan 6/0 Uni Thread
  • Body:  Deer Body hair, spun and clipped to shape
  • Antennae:  Stripped Brown Hackle Stems
  • Hackle:  Brown

Tan Elk Hair Caddis

The classic Elk Hair Caddis works as a Traveling Sedge as well. Extra hackle and hair will keep this fly afloat when stripped and tugged. To enhance the skittering, it helps to cut the hackle flat, flush with the hook point. The flat hackle allows the fly to skate more easily.

Fly Tying Material List

  • Hook:  Standard Dry Fly Size 8
  • Thread:   Tan 6/0 Uni Thread
  • Rib:  Fine Gold Wire
  • Body: Hares Ear Dubbing
  • Body Hackle:  Brown, heavily dressed
  • Wing: Elk Body Hair, heavily dressed

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