Top Ten Things To Do During Hoot Owl Restrictions

Here is the MAngler’s top 10 list of things to fill the time between 2 pm and Midnight.

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10- Fish the Tribs and Lakes that you have always wanted to but never “Had the time”

9- Restock the empty slots in your fly boxes, you know you need to and now is the perfect time.

8- Practice your duck calling and clean up the decoys from last season

7- Fish for Carp

6- Wash your boat and clean out the nasty in the bottom of your cooler

5- Charlie B’s

4- Sleep. The 5 am meet times are early for everyone

3- Edit the 6,789 photos from the last 5 months

2- MAngler BBQ’S

1- Beat Ron at washers.

Stan stays busy during hoot owl restrictions by currently leading the Missoula Amateur Lawn mower racing circuit.

Ron stays busy by fishing creeks 3 feet wide for 6 inch brook trout

Aaron goes pike fishing. But he won’t tell us where.

Taylor watches Kobe’s early career highlights

And nobody knows what Russell does.

-The MAngler

Just give our fish a break….

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