What The Guides Are Saying About Oct.

Directly from the mouths of some MAngler Guides. Remember they are fishing guides. Most likely they are lying.

Missoula Fly Fishing Guides

Mike stuck this awesome old Cuttie on a size 10 H&L. Stud Fish Mike!

(We know the photo is from Sept. But it’s a great fish!)

Travis: (Laughing) “Dude, It’s been stupid. Olives, Octobers, Mahog’s. They are all out. Not to mention the streamer game. And you know me… That’s what I am all about. Any day we get an 18 inch brown in the first tail out below the boat ramp is a good day.”

Russell: “It doesn’t matter what fly we have on. They are going to eat it. We had a blast. We were just gitty catching these awesome fish on big dry flies in October. “

Zach: “I have never seen fish on The Blackfoot pod up like that. It was awesome. And we couldn’t put ’em down. We had a blast. Hands down this is my favorite time of year to be on the water.”

We aren’t seeing boats and the fishing is great. Get out and go fishing. We love this time of year. The fishing are looking up and packing on as many calories as they can.

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