What The Guides Are Saying

Here is the Missoula Area Fishing Report  from the water yesterday. Right from our guides mouths…. So you know it’s the truth.

Salmon fly

Jason on the Bitterroot– “We crushed ’em on Goldens. Lots of fish to the net and many more eats that we missed. It was a great day. They were even eating the Golden stone nymph on the rise. The Bugs are close. It’s gonna be good in the next 48 hours.”

Russell on The Creek– “It was stupid. We fished one fly all day. I love it”

Zach on The Blackfoot– “Nymphing the Golden in the Morning was great. Dries once the sun got on the water were even better. Lot’s of boats, but the fish were still on.”

Missoula Guided Fly Fishing

Shop Rat Stan on The Clark– “Swinging caddis in the evening was awesome. Lots of fish eating all the way till dark. I’ll be back tonight.”

There you have it. They are all fishing right now. It’s go time in Missoula and we are all on the water every day. You should be too.

-The Mangler

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