What Winter Is For

Tying. Cleaning the boat. Collecting the crushed beer cans out of your boat bag. Repairing rods. Replacing lines. And more tying. Tying more nights than not.

Tricos, Drakes, The Big Stones, Worms, Rubber legs, and the list goes on.

If you don’t want to buy ’em. You gotta tie ’em.

But now is a pretty good time to stock up on the bugs you don’t want to tie. All flies in the shop are 65% off. A screamin’ deal.

Rusty Spinner

As for the bugs you don’t mind tying. We have you covered. Seems like a lot of folks are getting a good start on tying for the nest season. Lots of materials for chubby’s, tricos, worms,  and streamers have been heading home to someones tying desk. We have been tying a variety of bugs for our own boxes. Ants, Hoppers, Biot body tricos, Goldens, and anything else that seemed to move fish last year, but need a little adjustment. Now is the time to create the next great bug.

If you don’t tie but want to, we have a few options. There are still a few (one or two) spots left in our tying classes. Give us a call at the shop for more information about that. We will also start doing our winter version of the popular Friday Night BBQ. After the holidays we will start doing Friday Tying Night. Less of a class like atmosphere and more tying bugs, watching fishing videos, eating, and B.S.

We have everything you will need to tie up next years bugs. We are the shop in Missoula for the Angler who ties their own bugs.

-The MAngler

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