Rock Creek Salmonflies

When Are We Fishing In Missoula?

Soon my fishy friends. Soon.

Just watch Snowbowl. When the snow is all gone we are in the clear. And it’s gonna happen fast.

Soon we will be fishing Salmonflies on The Creek. Fish will be gorging themselves. They are hungry from surviving high water for a month, and when they can see the bugs again they are going to eat.

The other rivers will fish too. The Blackfoot, The Bitterroot, and The Clark Fork. They will all be in shape soon. I will go out on a limb, Hold my finger in the air, and Pull a card out of a deck  and say… Fishing in Missoula will be a legitimate option in one week. Hold me to it. Or don’t. I am a fishing guide, I don’t know anything.

-The MAngler

…Because You Fish.


John Gould
June 4, 2014

A week?????????

June 4, 2014

you are a fishing GOD

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