Who Are The Missoulian Anglers?

We have some fresh faces around the shop for the summer. Some you have seen before and some new ones. So here is a run down of the fellas behind the counter, at the vice, helping you pick out flies, and on the oars.

Russell Parks– Supreme Commander/Provost/Prime Minister.

Head Honcho

The Head Honcho.

Stone Cold Game Face. On the water or throwing washers. One word for this guy… Clutch.

Ron Beck– The Old Timer

Ron Beck

This guy has been around The Missoula Fly Fishing Scene since long before it was “Cool”. Just look at those glasses. (That’s not a bad brown either). When Ron talks fishing you should be listening. Ron is one of the best fly tiers in the state and chances are he has already tied your secret bug, when he was a teenager. This guy will get you into fish. Just ask.

Aaron Shattuck– I’m on my way Shattuck


Aaron is also an accomplished fly tier. You have fished some of his patterns if you have fished the west. Aaron is a big time pike hunter. He can get the Y bone out before you can say fish tacos. Aaron is a great teacher and loves to help beginners out. But don’t expect to see him out past 7 pm. He has yet to make it to a MAgler BBQ even though he has told us he has been “On his way” every time.  He is worth having in the shop regardless, so we keep him around.

Taylor Scott- Shop Manager/Guide/Kobe Fan/The Local.

Taylor Scott

Taylor grew up in Rattlesnake creek and has spent his whole life on Missoula water. Taylor has seen a quarter century of fishing seasons and has the stories to prove it. Taylor spends his days off guiding in the shop. On the rare day he isn’t working, he will be throwing his huge streamers on The Blackfoot. He is also money with the 18′ fade away. Reigning Washers team champion.

Zach Scott – Social Director

Zach Scott

This is Zach’s second season on the MAngler Team. The guy behind the Blog and BBQ’s. One of the young guns at the shop.

Stan Spoharski– The Beaver Trapper

Stan spoharski

The newest member of the MAgler team. Every shop needs a red neck and Stan is ours. Stan has been fishing and hunting his entire life. He and Zach fish together all the time and have to get out when they can. Sometimes fishing from midnight till they have to be at the shop at 7 am. Stan gets after the fish and has been a great addition to the shop this season.

These are the guys at the shop. They are all pumped up to get people on to fish and love to help beginners. Stop by and say hi to to these fellas.

See you on the water.

-The MAngler


June 22, 2013


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