Best Hecuba Fly Patterns

Brindle Chute

This all-purpose fly is an excellent Hecuba pattern. It also works as a searching pattern on the Bitterroot River from Mid August on, as it’s close to the Mahogany and October Caddis as well. The dubbing on this fly is pretty unique, and so effective. We have this dubbing mixed in the shop to our specifications. Call or stop by our fly shop to pick some up.

Fly Tying Material List

  • Hook:  Standard Dry Fly Hook Size 10-12
  • Thread:  Danville Flymaster 70D Orange
  • Wing Post:  White Calf Tail or Body Hair
  • Tail:  Elk Mane
  • Body: Dubbing blended with 2 parts Hare’s Ear, 1 part Olive, 1 part Orange, 1 part Sparkle Olive, 1 part Sparkle Orange, 1 part Sparkle Gold
  • Hackle:  Grizzly dyed Golden Brown

Parachute Hare’s Ear Olive

Another mottled pattern that brings fish to the surface, the Olive hare’s ear has proven itself during the Hecuba hatch as a very steady fly. The white wing makes it fairly easy to see, while the olive color is just different enough to grab the fishes attention. Don’t be afraid to only apply floatant to the wing, to get this fly lower in the film. Trout sometimes can’t resist that. Of course, that technique works better on the slower waters of the Bitterroot River and Clark Fork River!

Fly Tying Material List

  • Hook:  Standard Dry Fly Hook Size 10-12
  • Thread:  Olive 70D Danville Flymaster
  • Wing Post: Calf Tail or Calf Body Hair
  • Tail:  Elk Mane
  • Rib:  Yellow Floss
  • Body:  Olive dyed hare’s ear Dubbing
  • Hackle:  Grizzly

Hecuba Cripple

The Hecuba is a big fly, and has difficulty fully emerging. The Cripple is the guides favorite when the fish are keying on the hatch. This is a simple fly to tie, and since so few flies use Silver Badger, it has a very unique look. Make sure your deer hair is good, because it provides a lot of the floatation of this fly. Yes, the cripple looks a bit lumpy, but so does the natural- it’s a big mayfly!

Fly Tying Material List

  • Hook:  Standard Dry Fly 8-10
  • Tail:  Brown Antron or any other tri-lobal material
  • Rib:  Brown Floss
  • Body:  Golden Yellow Dubbing
  • Wing Case/Wing:  Deer Body Hair
  • Hackle:  Silver badger

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