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Welcome to The Missoulian Angler, where we have professional fly fishing guides in Missoula, MT.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find another city where the fly fishing opportunities are within such close proximity as you will in Missoula, Montana. The Bitterroot, Rock Creek, Blackfoot River, and Clark Fork Rivers – as well as Rock Creek – are all within minutes of downtown Missoula, providing some of the best Cutthroat, Rainbow, and Brown trout fly fishing in Montana. Matching up clients with our exceptional rivers and talented Missoula fly fishing guides is our goal.

Our guides are eager to provide a quality experience on the water for anglers of all skill levels. We hire select individuals from a large pool of experienced Missoula fly fishing guides. The crew on this page represents our core group of guides who have dedicated time and energy to Missoulian Angler Fly Shop clients over the years.

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