Brown Trout

Brown Trout are not native to Montana, having been stocked by the British as they crossed the country. As an aside, Brown Trout are found wherever the British settled all over the world. Browns, with their darker coloration, are often found in the darker sections of the river- undercut banks, deep holes and in the shadows that lie across the water. They tend to prefer water with a little less flow, a little less pace, which makes sense when you think about their favored holding lies. Brown Trout spawn in the fall, and as they move up the tributaries to find spawning ground, you have a good chance of taking a big Brown in a small stream. And Brown Trout get big. Once a Brown hits about 22”, they become almost exclusively meat eaters, making them great targets for Missoula streamer fishing. As they grow larger, Brown Trout start to become nocturnal, often coming out to feed at dusk and later during the warm summer months in Montana. When we talk about night fishing in Montana, we are mostly talking about targeting Brown Trout. If you’re a dawn angler, be cautious moving through the shallow riffles. You just might spook up a monster brown still in their nocturnal holding spot! Brown Trout can be a little snotty when they’re taking dries, so be ready to change flies when the browns are rising! Brown trout are found in almost every river and tributary in Missoula Montana.

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