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BWO Mayfly

Technical Dry Fly Fishing

. . . . .to fish fine and far off is the first and principal rule for trout angling                                                                            Charles Cotton  1676 Fishermen were not always so adept at distance casting . . . . they were great skulkers and sneakers.                                                                            M.R. Montgomery  (from Hooked by Raye Carrington) Before we go all tech,...


Insect Biomass

Let’s start out with a few definitions. Insect biomass, for our purposes, is defined as the weight of all insects in a river at any specific time. Carrying capacity is defined as the maximum amount of life that can be sustained in a river system during the harshest...

Mahogany Nymph

Low Water Nymphing

In the low, clear water of summer, many anglers really focus on the surface action. Less water means less current, making a rise much more energy efficient. The fish are in clearly defined areas, and easy to prospect for. Clear water makes the dry fly appealing, and many...