Western Montana Fish Species

Montana fly fishing centers around trout. Cutthroat, Brown, Rainbow and Brookie- Montana is world famous for its trout fishing. But whether you’re on the rivers, searching the alpine lakes or checking out the reservoirs and ponds, you’re going to find more than trout swimming in our waters. If you’re looking for Smallmouth bass, Largemouth bass, Mountain Whitefish or Pike, you’re going to find it all in less than an hour’s drive from Missoula. At the Missoulian Angler, we pursue all these species with a fly rod, and have the flies and tackle you’ll need to effectively pursue everything that swims in western Montana. We know it comes as a bit of a shock, fly fishing Montana for non-trout species, but we do it!  Western Montana fish species aren’t confined to trout, and neither is our angling. Explore these pages and expand your chances to take more fish.