Northern Pike

Northern Pike are found in the Blackfoot River, Clark Fork River, Bitterroot River and many lakes throughout Western Montana. They’re found in the backwaters and sloughs, and offer exciting fishing, crushing big flies as they go by. Northern Pike have real teeth, so if you’re targeting them, make sure you use a wire or 80# test mono bite tippet, or the fight will be short lived! A long pair of pliers isn’t amiss either for getting your fly back. While considered a game fish in other parts of Montana, in Missoula the Northern Pike is an invasive species. Having been illegally planted in the Seeley/Swan Lake chain, they made their way down the Blackfoot River where they rapidly found homes in the Clark Fork and Bitterroot. The daily limit for Pike is 15, and the season is open during the Winter. They make for some pretty good eating! Just saying.