Bull Trout

The Bull Trout is officially classified as a char, but more importantly, the Bull Trout is classified as a threatened species in Montana. It is considered threatened due to environmental degradation. The Bull Trout has very specific needs for spawning and juvenile growth, and the eggs and juveniles are very fragile. As a threatened species, it is illegal to target Bull Trout. If you accidently take a Bull Trout, it must be returned to the water immediately. To all you Instagrammers and Facebookers- holding up a Bull Trout is illegal, and is considered a Fish & Game violation. Just saying! The Bull Trout is a voracious feeder, and grows to very large sizes. Bull Trout over 30 inches are taken every year on the Blackfoot River. The Bull trout is native to Montana, and is a fall spawner. As a char, Bull Trout can be difficult to distinguish from the Brook Trout. The Bull Trout DOES NOT have any black on its dorsal fin. No black, put it back. If you have any doubts about whether the fish you’ve taken is a Bull Trout, put it back. While it’s exciting to see a Bull Trout slash at your streamer, and even take one, make sure you obey the laws that surround this threatened species.

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