Northern Pikeminnow

The Northern Pikeminnow may be the most disparaged fish in Missoula rivers. It’s a voracious feeder, and many anglers blame a poor fishing day on the predation of this fish on the trout. The Northern Pikeminnow is native to Montana waters, and long before humans started judging them, the Cutthroat Trout, Bull Trout, Grayling, Mountain Whitefish and Northern Pikeminnows all managed to live and thrive together. The Northern Pikeminnow is found wherever trout live in Missoula Montana, taking nymphs and coming to the surface for dry flies. While there are western states with bounties on Northern Pikeminnows, they should be treated with the respect we show all fish we angle for. When you take a Pikeminnow, be glad you got a bend in your rod, and put it back in the river. Maybe take a couple of steps up or down river! Might be fewer in the new spot!