R.L. Winston Freshwater Air Fly Rod


Freshwater AIR 5wt: If an angler could only own one Winston, these 5 weight rods would be tough to beat. These models can do it all: from small flies on the light tippet, to turning over shorter leaders when flipping hoppers or smaller streamers from the bow of a drift boat. Think big fish in tight spots with the accuracy of the 8’6”, or any fish, anytime with the 9 footer.

Freshwater AIR 6wt: With plenty of feel from tip to butt, these responsive, yet extremely intuitive 6 weights can handle anything from high water salmon flies, small sink tips with streamers, and indicator rigs. The 9’ is the rod of choice when casting Chubby Chernobyl’s with a rubber leg stone dropped off the back of the hook. But fear not the 5X, as this rod has enough feel to delicately present smaller mayfly patterns when an unexpected hatch requires a lighter touch. The all-new 9’6” is ideal for larger indicator rigs, casting intermediate line or chronomids on stillwaters, or even as a light, single hand steelhead rod on smaller water.

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Winston Freshwater AIR™ rods are truly the “Swiss Army Knife” of fly rods. Thanks to our unique progressive action and SuperSilica resin system, these extremely lightweight freshwater rods load easily yet feature faster recovery rates when special situations arise.

So go ahead, grab one of everything that’s on the report and just go fishing. Freshwater AIR models let anglers breathe easy when anything can happen anywhere trout swim.


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