Missoula Fall Fly Fishing


Hatches: Blue Winged Olive (18-22), Trico (18-20), Mahogany (12-16), Caddis (12-16), October Caddis (6-10), Spruce Moth (10-12), Hecuba (10-12) Hoppers

Weather: Average Mid 70’s, Cooling Into Fall Weather

Fishing: This is when we like to fish. Missoula fly fishing hatches are dominated by Fall Mayflies, Flat Water, Pods of Fish Heads, Light Tippet, Long Casts. Period. Bright sunny days for Tricos; cloudy dark days for Blue Wings and Mahoganies. Nothing finer than picking the fish you want feeding on the surface, finding the rhythm, long cast on the right line, watching the eat…. Watch out for the big October Caddis also.


Hatches: Blue Winged Olive (18-22), Mahogany Dun (12-16), Hecuba (10-12), October Caddis (6-10)

Weather: Average High 50’s, Nights Starting To Get Cold

Fishing: Fall Mayflies. Tricos taper off but the Blue Wing and Mahogany festival continues. October fly fishing in Missoula is often overlooked and is a great time to be out. Daylight hours begin to shorten again keeping the dry fly window in the warmer afternoons. When you aren’t throwing the dry fly to pods of big fish, Its time to throw the streamer. Or throw the junk all day. The brown trout are extremely aggressive preparing for the spawn. This is the time of year that the streamer junkies live for. Throwing giant flies for giant fish. While streamer fishing isn’t a numbers game and requires lots of hard work, it is a good way to put a two foot fish in the net.


Hatches: Blue Winged Olives (18-22), October Caddis (6-10), Midges (18-24)

Weather: Average Low 40’s

Fishing: November can be a great time to get a few more days in on the water before winter sets in. On the warmer days, Hatches of Blue Wings and Midges can provide the last bit of dry fly fishing. The Brown trout are still actively seeking out smaller fish to eat, so the streamer fishing can be fantastic. October and November are the streamer junkies favorite time of year. Most anglers have shifted their focus to the animals in the mountains so the rivers are empty and left for the who just aren’t ready for the season to end yet.

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