Missoula Summer Fly Fishing


Hatches: Pale Morning Dun (14-18), Green Drake (8-12), Salmonfly (4-8), Golden Stone (6-10), Mother’s Day Caddis (12-16), Pale Evening Dun (14-18), Yellow Sallies (14-16)

Weather: Average Low 70’s, Rain

Fishing: As the waters begin the downward trend, we’re looking forward to the giant stonefly hatch of the Salmonfly (4-6). One of our Blue Ribbon trout streams, Rock Creek, is the target for most anglers fishing this highly popular hatch, with the Blackfoot and upper Bitterroot following suit. Fishing Rock Creek by foot is a great option for almost any time of year, except now. At normal June flows the Creek is best from a boat.


Hatches: Pale Morning Dun (14-18), Green Drake (8-12), Salmonfly (4-8), Golden Stone (6-10), Caddis (12-16), Pale Evening Dun (14-18), Yellow Sally, (14-16), Hoppers!

Weather: Average Mid 80’s, Hot Afternoons Late

Fishing: Rock Creek floating season ends June 30, leaving this pristine area for wade anglers to enjoy. The Bitterroot, Blackfoot, and Clark Fork Rivers are back in shape from runoff. Green Drakes, and Salmonflies taper off by mid month. Missoula fly fishing hatches continue like clockwork; mayfly mornings, stonefly in the afternoon, caddis in the evening. PMD’s, Goldens and Caddisflies continue strong and the terrestrial season starts coming in with Hoppers/Ants/Beatles in the afternoons. Watch out for the evening spinner fall and caddis hatch!


Hatches: Pale Morning Dun (14-18), Golden Stone (6-10), Caddis (12-16), Pale Evening Dun (14-18), HoppersSpruce Moth (10-12), Trico (18-20)

Weather: Average Mid 80’s, Still Hot Afternoons Early

Fishing: The morning PMD’s start to taper off along with the afternoon Golden’s as we move through the month. Terrestrials are bringing fish up later in the day, but there are two hatches we really look forward to in August; Spruce Moths and Tricos. The Moths get going earlier in the month, the fall Trico fishing gets started toward the middle, and the Blue Winged Olives are on their way again toward the end.

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