Best Capnia Fly Patterns

Black Perdigon

The Perdigon is more a style than a pattern, and the black Perdigon we stock in the fly shop is an excellent imitation of the Capnia nymph. If you’re a tyer, you can’t skip coating the fly with UV Resin or epoxy. That glass smooth coating increases sink rate dramatically, and gets the fly deeper faster.

Fly Tying Material List

  • Hook:  Fulling Mill FM50 45 Size 14-16
  • Bead:  Hanak Matte Black Bead Size 2.0mm
  • Thread:  Black Uni 3/0
  • Tail:  Dark Coq De Leon
  • Tag:  Red Krystal Flash, wrapped
  • Body:  Black Uni 3/0 Thread, coated with UV Resin or epoxy

Black Caddis

This is a simple fly to carry for the one time every 6 years the trout will rise and take Capnias! Don’t be afraid to tie a Capnia caddis without hackle. The cold water slows the fish down, and they’re not chasing a skittering fly. Leaving the hackle off lets the fly float lower in the film, and makes it more natural and enticing to the slow moving trout.

Fly Tying Material List

  • Hook: Standard Dry Fly Size 16-18
  • Thread:  Black 6/0
  • Rib:  Black Wire
  • Body:  Black Dubbing
  • Hackle:  Black Hackle, palmer over body
  • Wing:  Black Deer Body hair

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