Best Mouse Fly Patterns

Mr. Hanky

Mr. Hanky is a great combination of floating and sinking materials, and the fish enjoy it. When skittered, the foam back keeps the fly on the surface, creating a lot of commotion. But when you dead drift Mr. Hanky, the Rabbit Fur puts the fly deep into the surface film, looking vulnerable and tasty. A double duty mouse pattern.

Fly Tying Material List

  • Rear Hook:  Size 6 Octopus Hook, mounted point up
  • Front Hook:  Hook with shank at least 1.25” shank. Hook Point will be cut off
  • Thread:  Brown Flymaster Plus
  • Connector:  .017 Maxima Chameleon, looped through Rear Hook eye
  • Tail:  Shaved White Rabbit Strip
  • Body:  Antique Gold Cross Cut Rabbit Strips
  • Back:  Brown 3mm Foam, Cut To shape
  • First Segment: Brown Rubber Legs tied long
  • Second Segment:  Black Krystal Flash, tied as whiskers

Morrish Mouse

The Morrish Mouse is a shop favorite with our mousers in Missoula. It floats very well, while the foam at the front pushes a lot of water to grab the trouts attention. The up-turned trailing hook gets some of those fish that are just nipping out of curiosity. This is one of our Missoula fly shop biggest mouse patterns, and is exceptional on those moonless nights and early mornings.

Fly Tying Material List

  • Rear Hook: Size 2 Octopus Hook, mounted upside down
  • Front Hook:  Hook with a shank at least 1.65 inches long. The point will be cut off this hook
  • Thread:  Gray Flymaster Plus
  • Connector:  Think Coated Braided Wire, looped through the eye of the Octopus Hook. Pull Rear Hook tight to Front Hook to prevent wobble
  • Tail:  Brown Rabbit Strip 2.5” long, shaved till the last 3/8”. Threaded through the trailer hook, tied down on the front hook
  • Connector Cover: Deer Body Hair, spun on shank at rear
  • Overbody:  Black 3mm Foam, tapered at tie in point. Foam should extend .5” beyond eye when pulled over
  • Tag:  Red Dubbing at rear of front hook
  • Body:  Natural deer Body Hair, spun and clipped to shape

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