Best Mahogany Fly Patterns

Tiltwing Mahogany

The Tiltwing style provides a realistic silhouette with its unique back slanting wing. The biot body perfectly imitates the thinness of the natural mahogany, which is one of its most distinguishing characteristics. The Tiltwing is a good low floating pattern that has proven itself all over the Missoula area on those cold afternoons when the mahoganies hatch.

Fly Tying Material List

  • Hook:  Standard Dry Fly Hook Size 12-16
  • Thread:  Brown 70D Danville Flymaster
  • Tail:  Light Dun Hackle Fibers
  • Abdomen:  Mahogany Turkey Biot
  • Thorax:  Sparse Mahogany Dubbing
  • Wing:  Deer Body Hair, tied on top of Thorax
  • Hackle:  Light Dun wrapped as a parachute

Thorax Mahogany

The Thorax is a much overlooked style, and it shouldn’t be. The wing silhouette is strong, and the flat cut hackle makes a mid-floating fly that mimics the natural when it’s a bit more active. The flat cut hackle also allows the fly to be twitched more easily. Every once in a while, on a warm September afternoon, the fish are looking for the movement of a struggling mayfly, and the Thorax Style can do that easily.

Fly Tying Material List

  • Hook:  Standard Dry Fly Size 14-16
  • Thread:  70D Danville Flymaster
  • Wing:  dark Dun Turkey Flat
  • Tail:  Medium Dun Hackle Fibers, split
  • Body: Mahogany Dubbing
  • Hackle:  Medium Dun, cut flat on the bottom

Parachute Pheasant Tail

Pheasant tail is a fish catching material, whether its sub surface or floating. The Parachute PT has that lifelike movement in the body that fish can’t resist. The parachute style makes sure the body is in the film, so the trout get a good look at it. This is also a good searching pattern late in the season, and has been effective during the March Browns as well.

Fly Tying Material List

  • Hook:  Standard Dry Fly 14-16
  • Thread:  Brown 70D Danville Flymaster
  • Wing Post:  White Calf Tail or Calf Body
  • Tail: Dark Dun hackle Fibers
  • Rib:  XS Copper Wire
  • Body:  Pheasant Tail Fibers wrapped
  • Hackle: Dark Dun

Pheasant Tail Jig – Solitude

This jig has proven itself to be a superior Mahogany imitation. We have a lot of different Mahoganies, but this one proves itself late in the season. The tungsten bead gets this fly down quickly, so sometimes a shorter dropper isn’t a bad idea. It’s perfect for the deeper holes as well.

Fly Tying Material List

  • Hook:  Daiichi 4640 Si9ze 12-14
  • Bead:  Slotted Tungsten Copper Bead
  • Thread:  Brown 6/0 Danville FlyMaster (70 Denier)
  • Tail:  Pheasant Tail Fibers
  • Rib:  Copper Wire
  • Body:  Pheasant Tail Fibers
  • Wing Case:  Opal Tinsel
  • Thorax:  Peacock Herl
  • Collar:  Dyed Medium Dun CDC

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