Best October Caddis Fly Patterns

Bird Of Prey

This soft hackle imitation is one of the best fall nymphs we sell in our Missoula Fly Shop. Active in the water, the fish are looking for October Caddis Pupa, and the Bird of Prey gets their attention. The pale orange dubbing, with it’s antron fibers, mimics the look of a pupa coming to the surface. While the October Caddis rarely hatch in enough numbers at one time to get trout rising consistently, the pupa is more consistent, and the trout don’t miss it.

Fly Tying Material List

  • Hook:  2XS Curved Shank Nymph Hook
  • Bead:  Gold sized to Hook
  • Thread:  Orange 70D Danville Flymaster
  • Tail:  Light Partridge
  • Rib:  UV Pearl Flat Tinsel
  • Body:  Pale Orange Dubbing, thick
  • Hackle:  Light Partridge
  • Head:  Peacock Herl

Orange Elk Hair Caddis

This simple fly produces when the October Caddis are on the water. Easy to skitter when the caddis are active, it floats well and is quick to tie. If you’re tying them, you might want to trim a few of the hackles flush with the hook point. Flat hackles skate even better than standard hackle, and the October caddis are quite active on the water. The twitch works.

Fly Tying Material List

  • Hook:  Standard Dry Fly Hook Size 10-12
  • Rib:  Fine Copper Wire
  • Body:  Orange Dubbing
  • Hackle:  Brown hackle, palmered over body
  • Wing:  Deer Body Hair

Stimulator Orange 

The Stimulator is a heavily hackled fly that imitates a lot more than just an October Caddis. It’s curved shank Gives the Stimulator a unique look on the water, and the antron dubbing at the head is a strong attractor to trout. Of course it’s easy to skitter because it has so much hackle, but the Stimulator is tough to sink because of the hair. A stellar October Caddis fly pattern.

Fly Tying Material List

  • Hook: 3XL Curved Shank Hook Size 12
  • Thread:  Fl. Flame (505) 70D Danville Flymaster
  • Tail:  Elk Body Hair
  • Rib:  XS Copper Wire
  • Abdomen:  Orange Antron wrapped
  • Body Hackle:  Brown, 2 sizes smaller than the hook size
  • Wing:  Elk Body Hair
  • Thorax Hackle:  Grizzly, Sized to hook
  • Thorax:  Fl. Orange Antron Dubbing

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