The Search For Clear Water

When the rivers are high and brown, there’s a feeling that goes through the Missoula fly fishing community. It’s a combination of frustration, annoyance and a little bit of optimism. If only just, if I just did this, I would find clear water. The eternal optimism of the...


Why You Should Try 10′ Fly Rods

Euronymphing has startled fly fishing with it’s effectiveness and micro control over the drift. I’m going to stress that. Micro control of drift. What’s the biggest deterrent to catching trout? Drag. Why are the best Missoula fly fishing guides first three recommendations when fishing, “mend....


Open To Business

Good news folks, with the expiration of Governor Bullock’s Stay At Home Directive, We are able to open our shop up for business starting Friday, May 1st. This is exciting and we are looking forward to seeing you back in the shop. We will be open everyday of...