Missoula Montana River Flow and Fly Fishing

Reading Flows 101

WHAT’S THE FLOW? You hear it constantly this time of year. “What’s the flow at Bell Crossing?” “Oh crap, it came up 300cfs!” “Hey, it only came up 300 cfs.” What does it all mean? Where are these people getting this information? It all starts…



Bitterroot The Bitterroot is one of the most consistent dry fly options right now.  The middle to upper sections have been the best option but the lower has been good and should continue to get better and better in the upcoming week. The hatches right…


Fishing report 11/1

Fishing report 11/1 Bitterroot Regardless of the fluctuating flows the Root has been good. Look for a few hour window in the afternoon for some dry fly action including BWO, Mahogany and October Caddis. While this can be a great time of year for dry flies,…


Fishing Report 8/1

Here is a few tips for protecting our fish with the warmer water temps that we have seen lately: Limit the amount of handling time. Take the hook out and put the fish back in the water asap. Use heavier tippet so you are not…

Missoula Fishing Report

Missoula Fishing Report 11/30

Missoula Fishing Report  November 30th If you haven’t noticed, the rivers are rather ice-filled… Be careful while you’re out there. Find a steady spot to wade! We’re gonna sum up the rivers as a whole, because they are all on the same page. If it’s…

Missoula Fishing Report

Missoula Fishing Report 10/29

Missoula Fishing Report October 29th Mid to high 40’s for the week… as well as some rain. Be prepared! We’re gonna keep it short and sweet. Most of the rivers have similar stuff going on… Blackfoot River: Throw black streamers in deep pools. Alternatives would…