Missoula Montana River Flow and Fly Fishing

Reading Flows 101

WHAT’S THE FLOW? You hear it constantly this time of year. “What’s the flow at Bell Crossing?” “Oh crap, it came up 300cfs!” “Hey, it only came up 300 cfs.” What does it all mean? Where are these people getting this information? It all starts…


MAngler Spruce Moth | Tie your own!

 DIY MAngler Spruce Moth  As the spruce moths are starting to make a comeback, we’re all scrambling to get our hands on some. Ron Beck has a unique way of tying them, and we have a video to get you through each step. These moths…


Time To Tie

Since writing the fishing report yesterday morning the Blackfoot has gone up around 700 CFS. That is quite the jump. The Clark here in town turned brown and the water is up in the willows at the Doubletree. That means it’s official. Spring run off…