Nemoura Overview

  • Family: Stonefly
  • Size: 9-11mm (Size 14-16)
  • Emergence: Early March through late April
  • Emergence time: Afternoon

The Nemoura is Montana’s sneaky little Stonefly that doesn’t get near enough ink. It starts early to mid-March, just a bit earlier than the Skwala. They’re a small, dark stonefly, and if you’re not looking for them they’re tough to see. But the trout really know what they are.

Most Missoula fishing guides will run a double dry, skwala and Nemoura, and report 40% of their strikes come to the Nemoura. The adults will fly earlier on the warmer spring days, but start later if the day is cold.

The nymphs are also important as the trout move into the shallows. A small black nymph is effective in the shallows, emerging alongside the skwalas. Drop-offs and shallow shelves will hold fish looking for nymphs, and while the skwala is bigger, trout don’t pass up a Nemoura nymph.

The crafty angler always has Nemouras in his box for spring fly fishing- dry and sub-surface. The trout know all about them. It’s about time the angler did as well.

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