Missoula Fly Shop Staff

Taylor Scott


Favorite River To Fish in Missoula: Blackfoot River 

Favorite thing about fishing in Montana: Drive five minutes any direction and you are in good to great water

How long have you been here: Life 

Favorite Flies to Fish:  Anything that looks like the average fish I catch on a dry fly 

Favorite Flies to Tie:  Streamers 

Best part about working in the Fly Shop: The relationships you build with a brand new fisherman/customer who starts off not knowing a thing about fly fishing and with a little bit of advice and direction they are fishing like a pro by September 

Favorite product in the shop: R.L. Winston Fly Rods

Memorable moment in shop: Every Shop BBQ

Memorable moment on river: The moment I realized I had it made growing up with a dad who loved to fish and a mom who loved to row. So many memories growing up with those two as parents. Thats how you keep your kids close to home. Thanks Mom and Dad 

Favorite Question Asked in shop: “Am I missin the stringer section?”

What do you do when you are not in the shop: Fishing

Rod: R.L. Winston BII-MX 7wt

Line: Rio 15′ type 6 sink tip

Reel: Ross CLA

Tippet: Rio 0X

Boat: NRS Dodger

Dog: Black Lab

Beer: Beer is like water, you need it to fish

Missoula Fly Shop Staff