Casting A Fly Rod With Dr. Beck

Missoula Fly Shop Staff

Ron Beck

Gotta Have Peacock In It

Favorite River To Fish in Missoula: No Tell Um Creek

Favorite thing about fishing in Montana: All my fishin buddies live here

How long have you been here:  48 year

Favorite Flies to Fish:  Tiny dries and huge streamers

Favorite Flies to Tie:  Tricos

Best part about working in the Fly Shop: The People I work with

Favorite product in the shop: Streamflex rods

Memorable moment in shop: Loading G5’s Raft at the BBQ

Memorable moment on river: My daughter Lily’s first fish

Favorite Question Asked in shop: Do you tie all these flies?

What do you do when you are not in the shop: Coach wrestling

Rod: Hardy Glass 4 wt

Line: The cheap stuff

Reel: Ross original R!

Tippet: Rio

Boat: Achilles Bucket

Dog: Boarder Collie

Beer: Bud

Missoula Fly Shop Staff